Our Mission

My mission began in 2021. Listening to the opening worship set at church, a single phrase struck a chord with me. "You take what the enemy meant for evil, and You turn it for good." I've heard this song many times by but this time it made me think. Could I be a part of that? Is there a way I could transform something into good?

Today, I feel mainstream culture lacks a big piece of what life has to offer: God. Technology with the potential to bring us together feels as though it does the opposite. I believe that it's not the tool that is wrong, but how it is being used. I came to the conclusion that the very thing that has been dividing us also has the potential to unite us under the Lord.

The gospel has the power to transform lives and bring hope, healing, and restoration. Yet the Bible's wisdom has been largely ignored in today's cultural conversations. Relevation Cards are a new, unique way to bring God's word into the culture.

My hope is that through Relevation Cards that we can begin to bridge the gap between faith, youth, community, and culture.